The University have the following state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for research and teaching in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Plant Molecular Breeding, Infection Biology, Developmental Biology, Biodiversity Conservation, Microbiology, Bioprocessing Technology, Immunology and Immunogenetics, Remote Sensing and GIS, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Chemistry, Ecotoxicology, Wetland Ecology, Paleo-climate Studies, Environmental Geochemistry and Climate Change studies.

The University is developing an advanced Media Technology Lab. and Digital library network.
Besides, the University has a well equipped computer facilities, presently with 16 high-end computers and one server. Printers and LCD projectors.

List of Equipment available: Spectrophotometers (Visible, UV-Vis & Nano-drop), Flame Photometer.  Gel electrophoresis (mini, midi unit, Vertical/ horizontal), Semi-Dry Blotting Apparatus. PCR Machine (Gradient & Real time), Thermal Cycler, Vacuum Pump with Membrane Filtration Assembly, UV Transilluminator, ELISA Reader (Plate), Chemidoc System. Incubators (Bacteriological/Microbial, BOD, Carbon dioxide, Orbital shaking), Water Purification System, Microscopes, Water baths, Ultra Sonicator, Laminar Air Flows, Autoclave, Plant Growth Chamber. High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge, Deep Freezer (-20°C, -80°C), Rotary Evaporator. 

Action, Digital & Video camera Teleprompter, Professional DSLR Camera, Fish Eye Lens, Cordless Mic Kit, Studio Monitor Set, Audio Recorder